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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Movie- My Sister's Keeper


'My Sister's Keeper' is a movie about the life of a family when one of their children get's very sick and is diaagnosed with cancer. This is a heart warming and touching film that is sure to bring a tear to the eye.

The movie begins with Kate being a very young child and her mother finds a mark on her back which is then diagnosed with cancer. Her parents then make a decision to have a baby made in test tubes to make sure that the new baby (named Anna) would be a perfect match to give Kate her body parts in order for Kate to stay alive.

Later on in the movie something brings up Anna's decision to stand up for herself and not agree to the operation in giving Kate her body parts. Her Mum dosn't take it well which then results in Anna going to court against her own Mum.

My friend reccemended this movie to me and I thought it was great!!! At some points it brought a tear to my eye (and I NEVER cry in movies).

is you are interested in buying this movie please click here

Here is a trailer of my sisters keeper-

Age recommendation- 13+
Rating- 7/10
Reccemendation- quite High

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